Testing &Inspection

HHYT has our own laboratory.Process and calibration is strictly performed according to ISO 9001 procedure.

Quality Assurance Service

*Sample Inspection

Inspection of initial production samples is to ensure the product specifications are being met. This step is to avoid future problem happens during mass production as well as unnecessary re-engineering delays and costs.

*In-process Inspection

Inspect factory on site and monitoring suppliers during production process. It can uncover problems during actual production and ensure the contractual obligations are being met.

*Pre- Shipment Inspection

To be carried out when production is finished. Samples are selected randomly according to AQL sampling standards and procedures to ensure the finished goods are in compliance with required specifications.

HHYT Testing Service

General Checking Criteria


*Size & Measurements

*Noise & Vibration level


*Grease Weight


*Logo & Marking


Special Checking Criteria

*Material Chemical Component Analysis

*Metallographic Analysis

*Grease type test (FT-IR)

*Roughness & Profile test

*Life test

*Salt-spray test

*Infiltration test